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2004 Fiberarts Design Book 7 edited by Susan Mowery Kieffer, Lark Books, Asheville, NC
2003 "The Art Quilt in 2003", Robert Shaw interview, FiberArts Vol. 30 #3, Nov/ Dec 2003 pages 37 -44
2002 "Material Essence" Surface Design Winter 2002 pages 52-54
  "Nancy Erickson: Linked to the Narrative Tradition" American Craft June/July '02 pages 42-43. plus the cover, "Hall of Memory #2: Trap Door"
2001 "Nancy Erickson and Sheila O'Hara: Between the Lines" FiberArts Mar/Apr 2001
2000 "Quilt Artists Review the 20th Century", FiberArts Sept/Oct 2000, page 56
1999 The Quilters' Handbook, Rosemary Wilkinson Publishing, 38 Halton Road , London N1 2EU, (Hall of Memory #8)
  Fiberarts Design Book Six, Altamont Books, Inc., Asheville NC "Figurative Fiber" Surface Design Journal pages 48-49/Summer 1999
1998 Zeitgenossische Quiltkunst im Wirkungskreis Nordamerika" international textilkunst: informationen fur kreatives Gestalten, 26. Jahrg. November 1998, Heft 4, pages 187 - 9, by Joachim Blank
1997 Imagery on Fabric: Surface Design Handbook, Chapter 11, Drawing and Painting.
  Jean Ray Laury The Art Quilt Robert Shaw, pub. by Hugh Lauter Levin Assoc., Inc., Southport, CT 06490
  Applique Style Juliet Bawden,pub. by Cassell,Wellington House, London WC2R0BB
  "Textured Narratives: Nancy Erickson and Dana Boussard", Art/Quilt Magazine Issue #7/1996-7, page 41
1995 Fiberarts Design Book Five, Altamont Press, Inc., Asheville, NC
  Quilt National 95 book (not titled yet)
  Quilts Today by Robert Shaw, pub. Hugh Lauter Levin Assoc., Inc., Southport CT
  Cover of Loss is the Great Lesson, by Jennifer Flynn, Merriam Award winner, University of Montana 1994.
1994 New Art of the West, The Fourth Eiteljorg Museum Invitational, Indianapolis, IN
  Celebrating the Stitch, organized and edited by Asahi Shimbun, Produced by Inshosha, Published by Asahi Shimbun, printed in Japan, 1994
1993 Camas: An Environmental Journal, 1993-1994, c/o EVST, University of Montana, Missoula, MT. photos of paintings and fabric works
  ArtsRag, Vol. 2, No. 5, June 1993. Romalyn Tilghman, Publisher, Long Beach CA
  SURFACE DESIGNER'S ART, September 1993, Altamont Press. Photos and essay.
  Pictorial Quilts, by Wendy Lavitt , Gibbs-Smith publishing
  Hearts and Hands, Vol. 2, 1993, "A Celebration of the Heart Motif in American Folk Art", Office Cornichon, Tokyo. (Japanese book, in Japanese)
1992 CUTBANK 38, artists' special issue Summer1992
  CUTBANK 37, cover and interior drawings, U. of Montana English Dept., Pub. ASUM, Missoula, MT 59812
  The International Contemporary Quilt Art Exhibition, edited by Takashi Teraoka, published by APT International Inc.
  New Wave Quilt Collections II, by Setsuko Segawa, published by Mitsumura Suiko Shoin Co., Ltd.
1991 Fiberarts Design Book Four , Lark Books, Altamont Press, Inc., Asheville, NC
  New Wave Quilt Book by Setsuko Segawa; pub. by Mitsumura Suiko Shoin Co.,Ltd.
  Celebrating the Stitch: Contemporary Embroidery of North America, by Barbara Lee Smith , Taunton Press Calendar, Celebrating the Stitch, November 1991 Taunton Press
  Quilt National '91 book
1989 FiberArts, Sept/Oct "Four Embroiderers: Small and Large Scale," pp.45-48, by Barbara Lee Smith
1987 Surface Design Journal, Spring, "After the Fall: The New Domesticity in the Works of Nancy Erickson", by Julie F. Codell
  Fiber Arts Design Book III, edited by Kate Matthews, Lark Books
1985 FiberArts, July/August, "Letters"
  FiberArts, March/April, "Needle Expressions '84"
  American Craft, February/March, "Beyond Tradition: The Art of the Studio Quilt", by Michael James
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